Here you can find out a little bit more about all of the contributors to Games and Stories…

Lorraine “Lothari” Wilson

Lorraine “Lothari” Wilson is a content creator from the UK and, as of now, the only contributor to Games and Stories (XD). She loves games with deep lore and dynamic story-telling as well as strategy games and CCGs in equal measure. As well as contributing to Games and Stories, Lothari is a content creator for Team Aretuza, a competitive esports team focused on Gwent: The Witcher Card Game.

Lothari can be found on WordPress (@lotharinosliw), Twitter, and YouTube

For business enquiries concerning herself or Games and Stories, Lothari can be contacted at, which you can also use to contact Games and Stories about any concerns or questions you have about the site. Lothari asks you to respect her privacy as the brand continues to grow and only use this address as a point of contact if it is really necessary.